Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#PCBW2014: Beaver County Homebrew Club Showcase at Bocktown Beer and Grille

Sunday, April 27th, 2014, Monaca, PA.

Bocktown Beer and Grille hosted the Beaver County HomebrewClub on Sunday as part of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. About fifteen members of the homebrew club showed up and poured samples of their beers for anyone interested in trying them. The homebrewers were knowledgeable, friendly and discussed their beers with pride and joy.
   The homebrewers and beer enthusiasts discussed brews that ranged in styles and brewing methods.  Variations on ales and lagers of all sorts were present. Overall, all the beers were the delicious rewards of meticulous labor, but some that I particularly enjoyed were: the Russian Imperial Stout, which had plenty of booziness and fantastic cocoa flavor, brewed by Dan Benedict; an “American-Style” Kolsch, brewed with home-grown centennial hops by Ralph Moore; a session IPA brewed with home-grown Zeus hops by Barry Covington, titled “Mount Olympus;” and the most interesting: Frankie Goes to Wheat, a wheat beer which included Frankenberry cereal in the grain bill, brewed by Mike Bobbish.

   The event made for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon with free, fresh beer and ample opportunity to discuss the beers with the brewers themselves. What more could you ask for?
Pictures from the event:
Jason Brandenburg pouring his cask-conditioned Hoedown Session Ale, Ralph Moore is pictured in the green shirt in the background

Picture of the Russian Imperial Stout and Mount Olympus Session IPA mentioned above

Jason Brandenburg posing proudly with his Hoedown Session Ale

Mystic Brewing's (Mike Bobbish) spot at the Beaver County Homebrew Showcase including Frankie Goes to Wheat/Relax Homebrew It

A list of kegged beers in the cooler available for sampling

More beers in the cooler, including the "American-Style Kolsch" mentioned above

Barry Covington pouring his Mount Olympus Session IPA (Mike Bobbish pictured in the white over-shirt to the left)

Cheers until next time,

(P.S. Don't forget to keep checking the PCBW calendar for a list of events each day. Hopefully I'll see ya around.)

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